Why a marquee
The big day
The first step
The first step
Your wedding day
should be an occasion
for you and your
guests to cherish.
At Victoria Marquees
we never lose sight of
just how important a
day it is, and feel
privileged to be
In this day and age there are more and more reasons to provide hospitality
for your clients. We understand that for a company to commit time and
money doing so it is vital that the event enhances your reputation and we will
work in close consultation with you to ensure that it does.
Garden Parties
Whether it be a birthday, anniversary or simply a chance to get together
with old friends, a marquee can provide the perfect answer.
From a relaxed garden party to a more formal celebration a traditional
marquee can fill either role with ease.
Corporate Events
Traditional Marquee Hire
There is another way..
..Your own way
The Perfect Setting For..
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..The Perfect Event